5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is A MUST

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December 5, 2018
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7 Steps To A Killer LinkedIn Profile
March 14, 2019
5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is A Must

5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is A MUST

This is the first article I am writing on the subject of LinkedIn. In this post, I am going to share with you the top 5 reasons why LinkedIn is a must in today’s environment. It does not matter if you are a student graduating soon, a person seeking new opportunities or a business owner, your place should be on LinkedIn.

1. Widen your relationships.

Network, network and then network some more. Everybody knows building strong relationships is great when joining a niche, starting a new business or jumping into a new job. LinkedIn is the only place where decision makers are one or two connections away from you.

So jump in the network, if you haven’t already and start thinking of it as being at a conference — be brave and talk to new people, get to know them and build trust. You never know by having an informal chat about something might turn into your next job or business opportunity.

2. Build up your personal brand.

I know people are getting fed up with this notion that every single one of us is a brand, but it’s true.

Hear me out.

Everything that you’ve done up to this point is building up your brand — whether you know it or not. Every job, every learning experience and business that you’ve created is an opportunity to show the world what you’ve done and what you’ve learned. You have been building the most important brand in your life and it is time to show it to the world. And this is even more relevant on LinkedIn than anywhere else.

So take the time to build up your profile to the All-star level that it needs to be and truly present yourself in the best light possible.

3. Share your business to the world

This one is closely related to the previous two points. The more you connect and have conversations with people, the more your personal brand and business get raised exposure.

Create a LinkedIn page for your business and set it up to the uppermost level possible. Share insides of the company, the future plans, behind the scenes footage or anything you might find relevant with your business. Also, do not forget the power of your business LinkedIn page in looking for employees.

Keep in mind that having a business page will increase your website traffic and potential leads.

4. Get in the conversation

Share your opinion on the subject of interest to you. Be it in your professional sphere or in your hobbies. LinkedIn is now morphing into a more open network, where professional people spend more and more time on so we see all types of content.

Post updates, write blog posts and share your expertise in groups. Build up your authority and share your “two cents”. Follow hashtags, join groups and be as active as possible, based on your business needs.

5. Find your next job opportunity

If you are looking for a new job LinkedIn is an excellent tool. First of all, tailor your profile to the job position you desire — fill all lessons and skills learned from your previous employment. Then begin the process of looking for that position:

  • Contact all the people you know in your network stating that you are looking for a new job
  • Write a quick post update detailing what you are after and wait for people to start contacting you
  • Get in the LinkedIn’ Jobs portal — open “All Filters” (top right side) and get into details of your desired position
  • Go to all your desired companies’ pages and get into the Jobs section to find if there are any vacancies

This was the first article on the topic of LinkedIn. Tune in next week, when I will be discussing the specific profile updates needed to stand out from the crowd.

Let me know what you think of the article in the comments below. Ask any questions that you have and don’t forget to like, and share it if you have enjoyed it.

If you need help with generating business or improving your LinkedIn profile, send me a message or book a call: https://calendly.com/aezir/leads

Hope this has been of value.


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