7 Steps To A Killer LinkedIn Profile

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5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is A MUST
February 18, 2019
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July 30, 2019
7 Steps To A Killer LinkedIn Profile

In the second LinkedIn article, I am going to tell you how to optimize your LinkedIn profile in order to create a great first impression with your connections and prospects. This is the second step toward LinkedIn success.

1. Optimize Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the first impression you have on all the visitors to your page. There are a couple of principles to follow with picking up the right profile photo:

  • It is a recent photograph
  • Make sure your face takes 60% of the shot
  • Wear professional clothes
  • Choose the right expression – smile 🙂
  • Choose a clean and non-distracting background

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Here are some great examples from Bill Gates & Richard Branson. They have gone different routes – Gates has gone to a more professional looking photograph and Branson has taken the opportunity to show his personality more – polo shirt and looking away, probably dreaming of new adventures. This is what is most important to showcase on your profile – your personality to the absolute highest standard.

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2. Add A Background Photo

The background photo is the second visual you can add that aims to grab people’s attention. It is mostly used like banner advertising – what you do, what book you’ve published or to show what matters to you. Use it creatively to what you are focusing your efforts on the platform. Create an image that is sized at 1,584 by 396 pixels.

If you want a photograph with amazing quality, go to unsplash.com. It’s definitely my favorite stock images website. Just make sure you credit the owner. 😉

3. Create The Perfect Headline

Don’t stick to your job title as a headline. Use it to:

  • Say a bit more about how you see your current role
  • Why you do what you do
  • What makes you tick

There are multiple templates and ways to do so, but keep it personal, quirky and different. Go around and research profiles and people that you admire and take inspiration. I personally love Tim Ferriss’s headline – “human guinea pig”. Plain and simple.

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4. Customize Your Contact Information

Add as much information to your contact info as you feel comfortable with. Here are some suggestions:

  • Your professional email address
  • Website of your company
  • Book a call link
  • Link to a resource you’ve created
  • Your company or personal Twitter account.
  • Personalise your URL by clicking “Edit public profile & URL” (top right) -> Edit URL

5. Focus On Rich Media Summary

A good idea for your summary is to add rich media content. Add presentations, images, videos that can showcase yourself and your work.

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This image is an example from Tony Robbins. As you can see he uses videos and links to showcase his programs and articles he has written. It is useful to add links to your articles, especially if you produce articles on LinkedIn, like the one you are reading.

Next, to the text you write in the summary — some people write long content separated into topics, like me, others write a couple of paragraphs of sharing their own story. To me, it’s a preference for personal choice, but I can say that people like personal storytelling, instead of something pre-defined. Ask yourself who you are and what are you trying to achieve with your profile, who your ideal customer/ audience is and write it so they understand and relate to you better. Spend time on this one.

At the end of your summary — add contact information, so people can quickly get in touch with your — email, website or a simple LinkedIn message.

6. Add All Your Relevant Skills

It is fairly easy to do this point. Scroll down to your list of skills and identify those you are proficient in. Showcase the top three that are most valuable to you right now. A good idea is to regularly clean the skills that are no longer relevant to your current situation.

7. Grow Your Network

A quick and simple way to grow your LinkedIn network is to sync your profile with your email address book. This way, LinkedIn will suggest more people you could connect with.

Another way to grow your network is reaching out to previous employers, teachers, mentors, colleagues, clients, and school friends. A good tactic is to add your LinkedIn profile link to your email signature, so people can connect with you easier.

Join groups about local events, interests, and anything that you find relevant and get in the conversation. Do comment on the trending topics (top right on the home page). Follow relevant hashtags and share your opinion on those as well.

Overall be more social on LinkedIn, push yourself to be more engaged and connect with people!

Let me know what you think of the article in the comments below. Ask any questions that you have and don’t forget to like, and share it if you have enjoyed it.

If you need help with generating business or improving your LinkedIn profile, send me a message or book a call: https://calendly.com/aezir/leads

Hope this has been of value.


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