About Me – This is my story

Hey guys and gals,

My name is Kaloyan Gospodinov and I’m a 30 years old male from Bulgaria.

This is my story.

I was born and raised in a small town in north east Bulgaria called Silistra. It is situated right next to the Danube river and you should see the sunsets…

Anyway, back to me – I studied in a language focused primary school with main focus English called “Ivan Vazov”. I have to admit I was not one of the best students, but I enjoyed learning new things and I was curious about many new subjects.

After graduation from primary school, I went to Science & Maths focused High School “Saint Kliment Ohridski”. That was my first choice as I enjoyed maths and wanted to study something that is logical and concrete. Little that I know, my whole life will change in about two years.

So I studied two years in my high school, until I’ve learned about a program from the Bulgarian Ministry of Education that provides opportunity to study in Thailand. As everybody, that watched “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio, I wanted to visit Thailand and see this paradise on earth. So I went to the exams and I got 50% scholarship for studying in “The Regent’s School” in Pattaya. Those were some of my hardest and most eye opening two years in my life – facing challenges from speaking and thinking in English, to overcoming all kinds of fears along the way. I made many friends from many countries and pretty soon the world seemed small and friendly.

The next chapter of my life is going to university and fulfilling another dream of mine – to study in the UK. I got accepted into the University of Hull to study BSc Economics. Fun and interesting three years, with one in the middle that I spent doing internships all around the Finance sector, back home in Bulgaria. After my graduation, I had a three month internship in the European Parliament, in Brussels. In those three months, I’ve discovered a passion for entrepreneurship and creating new ideas, by reading Entrepreneur.com magazine on a daily basis.

After those three months, I wanted to start something on my own. I wanted to build an app.

And that is how, step by step, I started to learn programming, by myself. It was Java in the beginning. I’ve created an app to some extend, then i got stuck and I’ve decided to sign up for a long course in Telerik Academy. One year, from absolute beginner to Junior Developer, learning C# and becoming a Mobile App Developer.

The dream was complete, something that I thought I couldn’t do or is only for the super smart, I did. I’ve graduated and I found a job doing what I wanted to do at that time – be a software engineer.

As many things in my life, once I do something or achieve it, it is no longer of interest to me. So I had to move on, I had to chase the next thing, the next idea, the next challenge. And the next challenge has been to have a startup, carNotify – a diary of your car and to grow it, have an investment and expand in Europe and further. During that time, I got into the Pre-Accelerator program of Start It Smart. 3 Months, many friends I’ve met through that program, many lessons learned, many broken dreams.

That was the time, when I thought that something will happen fast and change my life for the better. I guess, that was not the plan destiny had in mind. More lessons and more growth is needed to get to where you need to be…